Dogs welcome on the tram!

Since 1 July 2023 until the end of December, dogs kept on a lead and muzzled will be allowed on the tram as part of an experiment!

The aim of the trial is to make it easier for dog owners to get around and to make the city accessible to as many people as possible.


To ensure that all customers can travel well together, owners and their dogs must comply with the following instructions:


laisse courte   FOND I must have a leash and a muzzle.

If I am small enough, I can travel in a closed basket.

Guide dogs for the blind or other disabled passengers are

exempt from wearing the muzzle.



chien dangereux   FOND 


If I am a dog classi­ed as “dangerous”,

I cannot get in the tram (art. L211-16 of the rural code).



rester propre   FOND



My owner must make sure that I stay clean,

and clean up if I make a mess in the tram or at the station.



je reste à distance   FOND 


Under the authority of my owner, I stay away from the other

travelers and dogs.



siège   FOND




I do not climb on the chairs.





changer de place   FOND_



If we notice that we are an inconvenience,

we switch places.



papier identité   FOND



If needed, my owner must show my offcial

documents,such as my vaccination card.



ne pas toucher   FOND_



I do not know you, thank you for not

touching me or petting me.



These instructions have been drawn up with the advice of a behaviourist vet.

He particularly recommends the use of a Baskerville muzzle, which is more comfortable and ergonomic for our canine friends.


Amount of the fine in case of non-compliance: 150€